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Our Accounts, Audit & Assurance Services

Do you need a trusted partner to provide advice and support in preparation of your statutory and management accounts? Would you like expert guidance on how to present your financials and forecast performance to optimise stakeholder engagement? Are you looking for expert guidance and a consultative approach in looking at your business strategically?

If so, AMS has a number of accounting and business advisory services which can help you and your business achieve your goals:

Accounts preparation and management information 

Financial reporting is becoming more and more complex, which can mean even seemingly simple transactions can have complex reporting ramifications. Even without change, preparing accounts can cause an unwelcome headache. Your accounts are the shop window to your wider group of stakeholders and great care needs to be taken to ensure the right picture is being portrayed. As part of our offering, we can: 

  • Provide a bespoke and tailored service to meet your individual requirements.
  • Help you understand how changes to the accounting framework will impact you.
  • Take the stress out of financial reporting and allow us as the experts to take the lead.
  • Keeping you up to date with any changes that may impact your business.

Management Information: Making decisions based upon weak management information can lead to a lack of clarity, a situation which makes decisions more likely to be reactive rather than proactive. We are well placed to ensure that your management information is accurate and can interpret your numbers such that you can better understand the underlying trading patterns, and as such, be in a better position to make informed management decisions.

Profit improvement, forecasting and cash-flow projections

Growing your business can be difficult so it’s imperative that you look for a consultative approach with your advisors.  Our advisors at AMS are well placed to get into the detail of your business and to understand the components which are most profitable and those which require attention.

  • Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) within your business.
  • Development of a dashboard to effective monitor the KPI’s.
  • Assess the impact and likelihood of key risks and opportunities and keep these under constant review.
  • Forward prepare budgets and incorporate a review such that actual performance can be benchmarked against budget on a regular basis.

Strategic planning

It is often difficult to take a strategic approach when running your business as the day-to-day operations tend to take over.  However, developing a financial reporting forum in which strategy is focused upon solely is a key factor in ensuring the business profitability and ultimate equity value can be maximised. At AMS, we provide this advisory led approach and can help you by:

  • Development of a defined business plan with clear objectives.
  • Undertake regular strategic reviews in which to create a forum in which the appropriateness of the business plan can be elaborated upon.
  • Development of management teams and implementation of staff incentive schemes
  • Personality profiling of management team and understanding where the gaps are.
  • Take an understanding of long-term goals and objectives and ensure that the business strategy is appropriately moulded.

Throughout the year we can support you by acting as a sounding board. By having separate ‘big picture’ meetings, we can explore any issues and opportunities or simply take time out to focus on the future.

At AMS we provide a tailored audit and assurance service to suit you and your business needs.  You may see an audit as a legal requirement or a necessary evil, but we work with our clients to identify system improvements, value added opportunities and we aim to make the process as practical and productive as possible.

Our process is comprehensive and includes:

  • Planning our work based on the understanding of your business, the environment it operates in and use our specific sector knowledge to ensure this is efficient.
  • Discussing our audit strategy with you to meet your timescales and key requirements.
  • Reviewing your systems and controls to identify best practice.
  • Utilising technology such as remote working and the latest software to improve the audit experience.
  • Meeting to discuss the audit findings, system improvements and audit highlights.

As with all areas in which we operate, our aim is to ensure that your business derives optimum value from the audit process.

We provide a cost-effective service, and we ensure a director and associate director lead our audit teams. Our staff are highly experienced and qualified, and we receive formal training several times a year from external experts, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that we conduct a robust audit.

Our aim is to create a transparent and open relationship in which our team are able to support your in-house finance team in a manner that mirrors your structure.

We operate with all major software packages and, again, we are able to match and adapt our technical processes with your requirements.

Assurance and independent examinations.

In addition to our audit services, we have extensive experience in specialist sectors, such as charities, entities who require client asset reports for the FCA and ensuring solicitors comply with the rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


We have a number of clients within the charitable sector and can provide our audit services in addition to an independent examination.

All solicitors’ firms need to undertake and obtain an audit – that’s a given. Setting aside the regulatory requirements, they are also a key indicator of the strength of your firm’s control processes. At AMS we have extensive experience in dealing with solicitors and SRA audits.

What makes us different?  Firstly, we work with you to understand where your business sits on its growth curve and signpost you to the most appropriate team.  Whilst every business is different, there are common threads between many of our clients.  We have created specific teams to cater for this and the sector specific requirements of running a solicitor practice.

Our Approach: We put relationships, consistency and quality at the heart of our approach;

  • We keep our audit and accounts teams consistent – meaning we build in-depth knowledge of your business and processes saving precious management time and focus.
  • We adopt a director led approach – our directors take the lead on service delivery.
  • We offer insight that goes beyond the audit opinion – giving you a greater understanding of your organisation.
  • We’ll deliver a comprehensive report– one that delivers on any relevant audit considerations that we find.
  • We’ll give you confidence – Our robust quality control procedures means you can have confidence across all our service lines.

Our affordable and comprehensive services will give you peace of mind that all your requirements are being met.

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