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AMS Accountants Group today announce the Prince’s Trust as an official 2023 charity partner.

Founded in 1976 by His Majesty, King Charles III, the Prince’s Trust has built a rich heritage of providing targeted support for younger people in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth, unlocking opportunities for growth for tens of thousands each year. 

The work of the Prince’s Trust ties closely with the long-held mission of Group CEO, Ebrahim Sidat and his family. Through AMS Accountants Group and the AMS Foundation family charity, Ebrahim and his family work with key partners with an objective to plug the gaps created by societal failure, and in turn aiming to enable true social mobility, largely through educational programmes.

Ebrahim’s passion for creating opportunity for success is deep rooted. As a third generation British Muslim, Ebrahim’s family began life in the UK in 1955 as part of the commonwealth immigration programme to address labour shortages in the UK in the wake of WW2. Originally moving to Dewsbury, Mohamed later moved to Blackburn where he would set up a grocery on Daisy Street, providing a ‘welcoming place’ for families arriving from India. In 1960, one of the first mosques in the town was also established in Mohamed’s front room.

As the AMS Accountants Group goes from strength to strength as one of the fastest growing accountancy and advisory firms in the Industry, the connection to the central ESG mission runs strong at all levels of the Group.

As an AMS Accountants Group charity partner, The Prince’s Trust will take a central role as part of the Group’s ongoing ESG strategy, becoming a primary recipient of staff time and company fundraising efforts throughout the year. 

Money raised for the Prince’s Trust will contribute to their ongoing work to help young people build meaningful relationships, build their working careers and pursue entrepreneurship.

Shabir Randeree from the Prince’s Trust commented:

I have been a Trustee of the Princes Trust since 2016 and became Chairman in 2022 – I am extremely proud to be part of such a great charity, which empowers the youth to get into jobs, education and training. I am particularly proud of the Mosaic mentoring programme, founded by the King, aimed at offering relatable role models initially to the youth today across all communities. The economic climate is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating for a long time, and families will be increasingly looking to the work of charities like Prince’s Trust International to provide support.”

Ebrahim Sidat, AMS Accountants Group CEO said:

“Prince’s Trust International has a rich heritage of providing key support for young people both in the UK and overseas. I’ve been a long-term advocate of the need to support charities like the Prince’s Trust and their subsidiaries, who plug the gaps that society hasn’t been able to fill. My family, like many others, were fortunate for the opportunity that were made available in the 1950’s to create a better future for our family. We would like to support campaigns that do the same for others. On that note, I’m delighted to welcome the Prince’s Trust an official partner of the AMS Accountants Group for 2023. There is no doubt, with my good friend and mentor as the chairman for Princes Trust International (@Shabir Randeree), along with the fantastic team, the charity will grow from strength from strength and provide valuable support to those that need it most.”

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