Accountancy for the charity sector

If you are running a charity your main aim will be to help others, so it is easy to lose sight of financial and regulatory matters. AMS have all the financial knowledge and experience your charity needs, so you can concentrate on what is most important to you and your funders. We work with our clients to understand their needs and what makes them different, offering a tailored service as part of this process.

Audit and Regulation

Our auditors will ensure that your Charity is compliant with the latest FRS regulations, as well as other areas of regulation specific to the Charity sector. But we’re conscious that you don’t just want box-tickers, that’s why our approach focuses on how your Charity is different and what makes it tick.

Taxation compliance

We can take care of tax compliance matters such as payroll and VAT, ensuring the Charity’s tax affairs are up to date.   We can also review your corporation tax affairs, advising on any trading activities that may have an impact on corporation tax status.

Value Added Services

Our breadth of services mean we can offer more than an average high-street accounting practice.  

We have experienced advisors who could, for example, advise on how to restructure your Charity in order to separate trading and non-trading activities. We can also advise on more general financial matters such as pensions and the best accounting software to use for your sector.

Full range of services:

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