AMS Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance department is a team of expert financiers and bankers who specialise in sourcing finance and maximising shareholder value. AMS Corporate Finance identifies and structure capital investment for clients on a local, national and international scale.   

With 30 years of experience we act as your financial adviser – whether you’re a blue-chip corporation or a growing start-up. From investment banking to strategic consultancy, we provide expert advice to help you.

Growth financing

If your business is just starting out, or you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to think about the best way of securing investment. The range of options can be mind-boggling. At AMS, we frequently work with small businesses and start-ups, advising them on the best route to take from a commercial and tax point of view.

Equity financing

Equity financing is a method of bringing in investment through selling equity (shares) in a company in exchange for cash. If you are giving up a portion of your company, you’ll need to know the most commercially viable and tax efficient option has been taken. At AMS, we are experienced in advising companies on bringing in investment, ensuring any deal is the right one for all parties.   If your company is eligible, there are also specific tax reliefs that can make any share purchase more attractive for an incoming investor.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M & A is a complex area, largely due to the number of factors to consider. If you are planning on acquiring or merging with another entity, you’ll need to think about how to structure the process. We can help you identify suitable businesses for a transaction, and advise on the most tax efficient structure to use.

Management Buy-Outs

Management buy outs can be a highly effective way of passing on a business to existing personnel, but the negotiations are usually are a difficult part of the process, where it is important to manage the conflicts of interest between the vendor and the buyer. Any deal should also be made with the business in mind, ensuring any change in ownership is as smooth as possible. We can help you in all stages of an MBO, providing advice in consideration of both the incoming and outgoing personnel.

Selling your business

If you’re planning on selling or exiting from a business, there are a magnitude of financial implications, so it’s best to plan early. We can help make your business more attractive for buyers, ensure any sale is structured in a tax efficient manner and be part of the negotiations to ensure the best possible terms are secured.

Business Plans

We help business put together plans suited to their long term objectives. In the past, we have helped many clients grow rapidly into established businesses from small start-ups.

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