Corporate Finance Services

Corporate Finance Services

Our M&A deal experience has covered the value spectrum from £10m through to £1.2bn with a total deal value to date of more than £7bn. We operate a ‘best in class’ modus operandi instilled from years of working in Europe’s most prolific financial advisory house.

Our process management, transaction and lead advisory experience is what sets us apart. We understand what matters to different categories of buyers, how best to position a business for sale, and how to deliver flawless execution of a transaction.

We provide financial advisory services and support to a range of clients to deliver successful M&A transactions. This can include:

  • Founders and/or other shareholders seeking to de-risk by either partially or fully exiting a business;
  • Private equity looking to sell a portfolio company after a period of investment and ownership;
  • Businesses seeking to raise external growth capital from a range of potential investors;
  • Advising on value-enhancing and synergistic acquisitions to accelerate the growth of a business; and
  • Advising private buyers on acquisition opportunities.

We offer a proactive and agile approach that is flexible to the needs of each client and focused on delivering outcomes in an efficient manner

We understand it can be difficult to focus on the operational requirements of your business during a transaction, whilst also having to meet the demands and expectations to support a diligence process and finalise a transaction.

We take a hands-on, supportive and commercially minded approach to provide management teams with the peace of mind that their interests are being looked after to ensure an optimal outcome whilst allowing them to do what they do best in running the business.

We act on behalf of management during deal negotiations including reinvestment structures and incentivisation schemes.

We also offer independent advice on strategic, commercial and financial options such as:

  • Strategic advisory – Undertaking considered analysis for clients exploring the range of options available to help deliver against either pre-defined strategic objectives or identifying relevant whitespace and growth opportunities in their offering;
  • Business plan and modelling – Critically assess client business plans, help to plug gaps and support with modelling requirements as necessary;
  • Seeking external capital to accelerate growth opportunities; and
  • Identifying value-accretive acquisition opportunities.

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