Accountancy for the creative industries

We can offer a multitude of services to companies in one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. The sector is forecast to play a big role in the UK economy in coming years, and is now contributing 6% of the UK’s GDP or £8.8 million an hour.

Our accountants have experience in dealing with the accounts for creative industries - from small start-ups to larger firms. By assessing your position and needs, we can take care of the financial burdens and offer opportunities for growth and financing.

Audit and Accountancy

We know accounting is boring, but no matter how you choose to operate, you’ll need to ensure your accounts are in order. This can be time consuming, particularly when you want to concentrate on growing your business.

However, the assistance we can provide allows you to allocate more time to what you do best. We understand the challenges facing creative businesses from a financial perspective and our specialist team can help simplify the process.

Tax Relief

The creative sector is currently seen as a big growth area of the economy and the government is taking notice by offering specific tax reliefs.

Whether your business is in television, film, video games or theatre, huge tax savings could be available. These reliefs work by increasing the amount of allowable expenditure (the amount that can be deducted to calculate your taxable profit).

If your company makes a loss, you may be able to use the loss to claim a payable tax credit, meaning cash back from HMRC.  Even if you are already aware of the reliefs available, we can help you identify the relevant expenditure to maximise the available opportunities.

Investment Opportunities

We want to help you grow and reach your potential, and can identify investors for your business.

With recent growth and general interest, the creative industries are very attractive to potential investors. The government is also helping out with tax relief, which provided the investment is structured correctly, can result in tax relief for the investor. This makes companies in the creative sector even more appealing. We can help identify investors and make your business more suitable for incoming investment.

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