Gary Brothers

Managing Partner, Independent Tax


Gary was a senior investigating Inspector of Taxes at HMRC for 16 years prior to joining the profession. After leaving HMRC, he has specialised in handling HMRC on client matters, including investigations, enquiries and disputes. During that time, he has provided full litigation and tribunal support, and has an excellent track record with disclosures (onshore and offshore), securing excellent results for clients. Gary’s clients have covered the full HMRC spectrum, from high net worth individuals through to some of the largest multi-national corporations and right across the owner-managed and self-employed sectors. Gary believes that there is no HMRC-related matter that he has not seen or has had some experience of.

In addition to supporting clients through HMRC investigations, Gary has particular experience in supporting clients to pro-actively assess and understand their ‘tax compliance risk’, navigating HMRC’s risk-based assessment of large companies and high net worth individuals. He has assisted clients in achieving a ‘low risk’ category with HMRC through a combination of skilled negotiation and identifying and undertaking specific remedial action carried out using HMRC methodologies.

Additionally, Gary is an accredited expert witness specialising in HMRC, tax, and financial investigation matters. He has been instructed in a number of HMRC criminal prosecution matters and is one of very few ex-HMRC expert witnesses capable of approaching such matters in the full knowledge of HMRC’s approaches and practices.

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